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Core Design Gallery: Nawwar Shukriah Ali – As Within So Without. Mirror Plexiglass on Plywood_171cm x 233cm 2022

Art Expo Malaysia presents its latest curated art fair titled Art for All: Art Gala, an unprecedented initiative which involves 20 strong line-ups of independent art galleries and a myriad of interesting discoveries, featuring more than 500 artworks across all media – from painting, installation, sculpture and digital works. The Art for All: Art Gala, will take place from 8 – 10 April 2022, at GMBB Kuala Lumpur.

With accents on Contemporary, Cutting-Edge, and Curated, the art fair takes over a 21,500 square-feet retail space in GMBB which will be creatively transformed into an engaging art venue for audiences to appreciate contemporary art, with a focus on works by established and emerging Malaysian artists. The refreshing approach to the art fair format will see 29 exhibitors presenting their curated spaces that allow visitors to freely navigate the exhibited works, beyond the boundaries of a typical exhibition.

WLG IGNITE by Wei-Ling Gallery: Wong Chee Meng – Vigorous Spirit – Mixed media 118x38cm each (Triptych) 2022


At G13 Gallery, discover artists with different art styles at various stages of their career, from emerging artists Khairudin Zainudin, Hug Yin Wan and Wong Ming Hao, to established artists Sharifah Fatimah and Tajuddin Ismail. A2 Gallery also chose artists with different styles such as Alfred Yeoh, Jeff Jansen and Franky Pandana, for a multifaceted curation, reflecting the richness of emotions where joy exists alongside sorrow. To delve further into artworks by modern and contemporary artists, head over to V’Art Space to view works by Coplu, Lim Ah Cheng, Soon Lai Wai, and Wu Qiong, each with their own characteristics.

Art Case Galleries is also exhibiting high quality artworks by established artists such as Rafiee Ghani, Khalil Ibrahim, Azman Hilmi and Raja Azhar Idris. Meanwhile, in the poetic Whimsical Wonderland by Suma Orientalis, emerging artists such as Wong Xiang Yi, Tan Choon Ting, and Izzat Hamdan contemplate and respond to the challenges of their time.

Experience the power of art to communicate and inspire, with artists Anne Koh and Yeo Eng Peng from NN Gallery sharing their passion and delivering positive energy to the audience. By reflecting on our social landscapes and expressing them through critical and progressive approaches, artists represented by WLG IGNITE by Wei-Ling Gallery like Cheng Yen Pheng, Chin Kong Yee, Hamidi Hadi, and Wong Chee Meng, also invite the audience to broaden their mindsets.

In Core Design Gallery’s CHICS curation, the idea came about to shift the notion of a set of beliefs typically associated with women in art, through refined yet intimate artworks in a sophisticated black-and-gold palette by contemporary women artists such as Nawwar Shukriah Ali, Ain Rahman, and Hannah Nazamil, conveying an aura of profound modishness.

The audience can also view different art forms in the Chetak 17 + AP Art Gallery collaboration, which showcases the importance and legacy of printmaking through masters such as Abdul Manson Ibrahim, Ahmad Khalid Yusof, Ilse Noor, Sulaiman Esa, and Zulkifli Dahlan, alongside newer printmakers.

The pandemic sparked inspiration for artist Fadhli Ariffin, with Rissim Contemporary showcasing his solo body of work, Frekuensi – an emotive search for meaning and purpose. Yet another gallery immersing the audience in the work of a single artist is Nadine Fine Art, with Yusof Majid’s work exploring innocence, wonderment, and bravado as inner landscapes of the mind. At Zhan Art | Space, Ng Foo Cheong takes the spotlight, whose artworks with strong emotional and cultural resonance demand full attention.

La Galerie Du Monde, which values a long-term approach, introduces art of exceptional quality from artists such as Eng Tay, Chiang Shih Wen, and late pioneer Peranakan artist Sylvia Lee Goh. AATO Room brings us Ben Chong’s bold realism art with combined attributes of abstraction and neo-expressionist sensibilities characterised by strong gestural forms, while HOM Art Trans explores how different regions of origin influence perspectives of artists Haslin Ismail, Edroger Rosili, and Donald Abraham towards the theme, ‘Nightfall’.

Pop and Contemporary Art enthusiasts are in for a treat, as Gallery des Artistes presents Gung HO, an ultra-cool Asian-inspired experience by gallerist and interior designer Edith Ho, Malaysian born artist Hong, and British Pop artist Jonny Zerox. Art lovers also can explore perspectives of art creation and what brings them joy at Art WeMe Contemporary Gallery, through works by artists like Nicholas Choong, Gao Xiao Yun, and Huang Yu Long.

Continue the discovery of art and culture beyond Malaysia through the curation of artworks by 18 Southeast Asian artists represented by Artemis Art, who are joining forces to provide an eclectic mix of artful fun. The Back Room will feature a rich multimedia showcase of 20 emerging and established artists from Malaysia and beyond, such as Joshua Fitton, Liew Kwai Fei, and CC Kua, with paintings and prints alongside objects and sculptures.

Madrid-based ATR Gallery, which has been making waves in Art Expo Malaysia since its inception, also brings us iconic artworks from Spain by Jesús Curiá, Manuel Mediavilla, and Eduardo Peña.

The Back Room: Liew Kwai Fei – The Building – Yellow & White & Red & Grey & Blue & Black – Acrylic on paper Dimensions variable 2009


  • “Suspended / Lifted” by Sharon Ong: The work presents contrasting perspectives of a significant moment in Malaysia’s lockdown history. Brought to you by Malaysia Art Gallery Guide.
  • Experience diverse contemporary and modern artworks from established and mid-career Malaysian artists presented by Henry Butcher Art Auctioneers.
  • Art industry veteran Nizam Rahmat brings Art Gala-goers a close-up view of the stunning geometric sculptures combining natural and mediated materials by Ramlan Abdullah, RAG studio.
  • “Beyond the Border” by C.N Liew: Experience works by C.N Liew as he navigates the “border” where conflict and harmony exist, exploring the balance of Yin and Yang with ink, calligraphy, painting, and contemporary materials like metal.
  • Aureo Gallery aims to educate Malaysians & the world on the beauty of gold art, whereby the artist Kim Il Tae uses pure gold to paint & sculpt on canvas.
  • “In Between Plants and Ghosts” by Minut Init: The installation, an experiment of possibilities, questions humanity’s core beliefs like the fantasy that we can control the planet.
  • Dita Colour will showcase a series of abstract artwork collections by emerging Malaysian artist Karwai Chan, to established artists Ahmad Shukri Mohamed, Suzlee Ibrahim and Tajuddin Ismail. Do also check out their STAS’s Holland-imported picture-hanging system too!
  • Explore NFT through Sleepless Mine Society which comprises symmetrical art, isometric art & portraiture – each with unique utilities & values. 

The Art for All: Art Gala exhibition organizing committee is spearheaded by Sim Pojinn, who is also the co-founder and fair director of Art Expo Malaysia, one of the most prestigious and celebrated art events in Southeast Asia.  The art fair was first conceived as a response to the changing gallery landscape resulting from the pandemic disruption and has further expanded to working together with industry players to re-instill the vibrancy of the local art scene with inclusive art experiences.

Armed with the core belief of presenting only the highest quality of artworks, a stringent set of exhibitor selection criteria was put in place, including – the gallery’s strong professional track record, the breadth of artists they represent and artworks displayed, curation and experience – to ensure the professional standards are fundamentally met to protect the interest of art enthusiasts, collectors, and industry.

“The Art for All: Art Gala is a unified effort by the visual art community with hopes to bring encouraging impact and new possibilities to the art eco-system and its value chain. As the pandemic evolved through phases with Malaysians emerging from the difficulties, we debate

on the roles we need to play to inspire positive changes – not only to the art industry but to serve a wider network and diverse community,” said Sim Pojinn.

“We are truly grateful to our participating partners for their commitment and full support, their trust has enabled us to be adventurous in adopting an unorthodox approach to present a platform that connects the passion of the art world with many different souls. The quality and breadth of works for the Art For All: Art Gala by Art Expo Malaysia is as exciting as the previous edition of shows but more diverse, continued Sim Pojinn.

The Art for All: Art Gala by Art Expo Malaysia is supported by CENDANA as part of a partnership initiative to facilitate key cultural events to provide a platform for CENDANA’s mandated sector beneficiaries and communities; in addition to profile Kuala Lumpur as a hub for professional artists, cultural workers and art enthusiasts various arts and music festivals that create economic impact and provides employment opportunities for a wide range of industries and occupations.

The event is also supported by GMBB – an enterprising creative community mall that believes in passion, enterprise, and community. As an aspiring hub for the creative and cultural arts in KL, GMBB offers space, support and a hive of activities to, amongst others, make art sustainable and accessible to the public and practitioners alike.

The art fair is open to the public and admission is free. Register your interest at or call 012-307 2309 to learn more information.

Special Exhibition: C. N. Liew – Where There Is Shadow, There Is Light – Acrylic and ink on paper 50 x 70cm 2018


Art Expo Malaysia (AEM) is one of the leading and longest running visual art fairs in Southeast Asia. Since its inception in 2007, AEM has played a progressive role in advancing dialogue between Malaysian art, Southeast Asia and the world to create a vibrant art eco-system and infrastructure in Malaysia. To date, AEM has supported more than 200 local and international reputable galleries and has contributed more than RM165million in sales of artworks to the industry. For further information, visit www.


About CENDANA CENDANA (Cultural Economy Development Agency) was officially launched on 6 September 2017 to shape a vibrant, sustainable, and ambitious cultural economy for Malaysia, further raising the profile of Malaysian arts and culture to help form the identity of Malaysia as an arts destination and strategically place Malaysia on the global stage. It is supported by the Malaysian Government through MyCreative Ventures Sdn. Bhd. (a wholly owned company of the Minister of Finance Incorporated) and reports to the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia. Log on to for details.


GMBB is a creative community mall that aspires to support, sustain, and serve the creative arts community in Klang Valley as a hub. Their aim is to offer access and options for the community to grow while bringing different communities and passions together to add more value. For further information, visit

Chetak 17 + AP Art Gallery: Samsudin Wahab – Bulan Dipagar Bintang – Etching and aquatinton paper – 55 x 47cm 2021



RUBIX, PR Arm for Art Expo Malaysia

T: +6017 920 6838


Art for All: Art Gala by Art Expo Malaysia:-

Exhibition Hours: 8 – 9 April 2022, 11:30am to 8:00pm
  10 April 2022, 11:30am to 7:00pm
Venue: GMBB   No.2 Jalan Robertson, Bukit Bintang   50150 Kuala Lumpur
Admission: Free

The art fair is supported by CENDANA and GMBB.

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