Shoot for the moon! Brazilian photographer captures incredible shot of Christ the Redeemer ‘holding’ the moon with both hands after three years of failed attempts A Brazilian photographer has finally succeeded in capturing an incredible picture of Christ the Redeemer appearing to ‘hold’ the moon with both hands after three years of failed attempts.
Leonardo Sens snapped his long-awaited shot Sunday from Icaraí Beach in the Rio de Janeiro municipality of Niterói, almost seven miles away from where the iconic statue is located. ‘In the end, everything went well and I was able to register the long-awaited photo,’ Sens told Brazilian news outlet G1. Sens, who has been taking pictures around the Rio de Janeiro area since 2005, revealed that he had prepared himself for the astonishing shot by studying the Moon’s position.

He explained he already knew the time of year that the Moon aligned with the concrete and soapstone monument – by far the country’s main tourist attraction.
Sens used different applications to help him find ‘the times and the exact date’ that the moon would be positioned directly above Christ the Redeemer.
He told online news portal Itatiaia he had purchased a new set of lens two years ago in hopes of being able to take ‘closer photos of the moon and the sun.’ Sens said he tried and failed Saturday to capture the shot when the moon was blocked out by clouds.

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