Never too late, Happy Malaysia Day!

by Omar

Selamat Hari Malaysia!

In celebrating this day, we hold our hearts dearly for the unity and harmony we have achieved for many years. We are celebrating the unification of the Malaysian Peninsular and Borneo which form the Federation of Malaysia, 1963. We are celebrating the beautiful cultures of Iban, Dayak, Kadazan, Melanau, Bajau as part of our pride. Our great country has achieved another milestone, that of being in good shape, financially and politically.

Although, ups and downs happen in all great nations. Our great leaders both in government and opposition parties have shown a tremendous effort of maintaining political stability and security, thus put Malaysia on top of the world with other global players. Recent achievements in sports, education and international relations have brought our country to the level where we are no longer known as a ‘jungle country’, but we are now a roaring tiger ready to bring more change to the world.

Being a small land and racially diverse, it is important for us to close ranks for a better future. Let’s keep aside our belief, raise a hand and say we are 1Malaysia Negaraku.

Dato’ Noor Khalid aka Lat’s cartoon never failed to deliver a beautiful message.

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