Malaysia applauded the Johor government when they expressed their commitment to eliminate the use of polystyrene packaging and plastic bags in supermarkets and other businesses by January 2018. This initiative has been followed with Selangor announcing the ban on plastic straws by 1st July, 2019.

It’s a start and it’s a good start, but I think the real challenge is to encourage all businesses to eliminate the usage of polystyrene and single use plastics. Somehow they need to replace the latter with biodegradable packaging alternatives. Not at the expense of forestry.

“It started for me in 2017, when friend Rosana Musa asked me to join the ‘Tak Nak Straw’ campaign. Rosana’s initiative to show support for a real Eco-Warrior, our late friend Fay Khoo. A foodie, entrepreneur and activist, Fay noticed the problem of plastic pollution well before most. Using her media presence on Radio and TV and social media, she took up the challenge very early. Despite the fact that plastic pollution was hardly in the news and no one talked about it much” ~ Dato Nicholas Pinder

Fay Khoo

The foodie was known for her commitment to educate people, particularly children, about environmental issues.

She worked with her celebrity friend Asha Gill to launch the Eco Kids-scripted stories series to help kids understand their impact on the environment.

“Fay was passionate about the environment. She avoided using things made of plastic, including straws. I believe that she would like to be remembered for her persistence in creating a sustainable environment. We should continue spreading her positive messages,” said Fay’s friend CY Phang.

“We’re now delighted to see many well known faces including local and international celebrities lending their voice to this tremendous eco challenge” ~ Dato’ Nicholas Pinder.


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